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Belmont ▪ Durr


Takara Belmont is one of our major suppliers providing us with a range of products including dental chairs, delivery systems, spittoons, lights, X-ray machines and stools.

We are the main north east based company supplying Belmont equipment and have extensive knowledge of the products.  

Belmont offer many packages to fit with a range of dental surgery settings. These include SP Cleo, Clesta I, Clesta II and Voyager II packages.

   SP- Cleo - The Complete Surgery System

   Clesta I with Chair Mounted Over Patient Delivery System

   Clesta II MC Holder Type Delivery System

   Voyager II with Chair Mounted NDL Operating Light

   NDL Dental Operating Light

These packages can be tailored to your individual needs ensuring you get the most from your equipment.

Our team has many years of experience dealing with this equipment and are more than happy to advise you on the different options available.

If you require any further information contact us or visit the suppliers website using the link above.


Durr are main suppliers of suction systems, compressors and developers. They produce the popular VS and VSA aspirator range shown below.

   VS 300 S

    VSA 300 S (includes amalgam seperator) 

Amalgam separation can be or is often already incorporated into these suction systems allowing amalgam to be removed easily from the waste water.

Durr provide a range of X-ray developing equipment including the XR24 and XR25 range.

   XR24 Easy

   DL 24, DL26 Daylight Loader

Durr also provide compressed air systems of varying sizes.

   Quattro for 4/5 workstations (many alternative sizes avilable)

If you require any further information contact us, alternatively visit the suppliers website using the link above or by clicking on the product images.

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